CILL in partnership with the Youth Centre for Research and Development (YCRD), Morocco, have now completed the implementation of the ShePower leadership and digital media course, funded by the British Council in the framework of its “Leadership for Gender Equality” programme. 25 young women from all over Morocco have taken part.

The course has been a success on many levels, but most of all because of the enthusiasm, commitment and creativity of the participants. Our international team of facilitators from Morocco, Egypt, Oman, the UK, and Spain has been impressed by their work and the progress they have made.

A public celebration of the project will be held online on Friday 9 July from 5.30 – 7.00 p.m. (UK & Morocco time). This will include a presentation of the media outputs, the impact of the project, and the open website which will go live the next day. To attend the event and meet these inspiring young women, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

I am proud to be a participant in such a delightful programme and to be taught by amazing professional people. Having such initiatives in our country will definitely make a difference and a positive impact on our community. (Zineb Hadoumi, participant)

The ‘Leadership for Gender Equality’ programme is a new British Council programme focused on progressing gender equality and addressing the gender gaps in leadership by providing dialogue and capacity-building opportunities to civil society and higher education leaders.