Hi, On Wednesday we were invited to the local news station. After a brief introduction from the Director, myself (John) and two other course partcipants were selected to take part in a television interview during which we were asked questions about the training course, our expectations of the news station and what we thought of Serbia. Upon completing the interview we were given a tour of the radio station. The staff at the news network were very interested to meet us, in particular Samuel. Later we explored Krusevac and the main park before returning to Hotel Dabi and presenting our article on Joseph Kony and Invisible Children and the impact social media had on this issue. Thursday was filled with presentations and discussions from the remaining groups who didn’t have time to do so the day before. In the evening, we watched a TED talk video called The Future of News? Virtual Reality by Nonny de la Pena ( www.ted.com/talks/nonny_de_la_pena_the_future_of_news_virtual_reality ). We then went out for dinner at Olive Tree. Despite the long wait, we enjoyed a delicious meal. Today, we visited a nearby town and wandered around the park at the centre of the town. The park had many different attractions such as a Japanese water garden, an art gallery, an indoor spring where you can fill up your water bottle and a cafe where we were able to recharge our batteries, enjoy a coffee, then get back on the bus. Our next destination was an Orthodox Monastery built in the 13th Century. One of the nuns spoke to the group, telling us about the history of the monastery. Once everyone had bought souvenirs, we boarded the bus one last time.