S-Factor into Eurovision 2015


I would like to say a very big well done to our S-Factor into Eurovision teams from across Europe for completing the films with your young people, I know you have all had a busy time doing your normal work at your schools/projects on top of this.

The films you have made are all amazing and clearly illustrate the fun and learning that can take place with video cameras. Whoever wins the overall first prize doesn’t matter to me but every single one of the people involved in the making of these films is a winner.

As professionals working in the field of disability we are taking steps to show the world our young people are important, they might not have a voice as loud as some but will (through the use of film) we give them a voice. A few months ago 7 countries were working in isolation of one another, now they are international group of friends and colleagues – many of which will stay friends for the rest of our lives and this can only benefit our young people.

Imagine after this summer we build on this even further and say lets do it again but bigger and better with more partners, more countries more sponsors? We then create a movement that has power to change things, a platform to challenge our short sighted decision makers and politicians who always cut services to the most vulnerable in society, let us shown them we care – so they in turn have to start listening to us.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing, for working in difficult times where decision makers and politicians don’t invest in this area of work or believe as much as we do.

I have been truly inspired by these films and by my new bunch of international friends, my respect for you and your work is indescribable. All I can say is I want to do more projects like this and Momentum World would love to explore future opportunities. Let us now enjoy the next phase which is to celebrate and show off these great films, but remember one thing don’t slow down and don’t stop making a noise through your video camera as those politicians are looking for the silent ones who don’t make a noise because then they can’t take away their funding. Stick together guys and fight for better resources, better facilities as by doing this we will have a voice that is really heard

Once again well done and thank you xxx Paul