Nikola from Slovakia



My name is Nikola and I come from Liptovský Mikuláš, a small city in the north of Slovakia. As a student of a Master Programme in European Studies and International Relations I have the opportunity to work as an intern for an organization for half a year, and that’s what brought me to Momentum World.

After submitting my application to Momentum World, I was more than happy to find out I was accepted as a projects intern. Full of energy and excitement, I came to the office on 1st of September and that was the day when my adventure started.

And what will my adventure be like? As a projects intern it is my responsibility to support the Momentum team in project and network development, administration and communications.

My internship consists of four parts. The first part concentrates on the European Voluntary Service administration and communication. The second part is to help to create and maintain the Europeers network, a very exciting project which gathers young volunteers with experience of Erasmus+ projects. The third part includes general project support to the Momentum World team in the UK as well as overseas. And the fourth part focuses on general office support and administration, which is required in every organisation.

I believe this internship will enhance my life, open doors to a profesional world and increase my employability.

I will write again to update you on my journey…

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