Hello everyone! This is Eva from Greece. It’s been around three months since I moved to England and it turned out to be the greatest choice that I could have made. After experiencing a short-term project in Romania, I wanted to continue with a long-term one. But where? Randomly, I found myself applying to a project in the Lake District about environmental sustainability. So, here I am…living in the UK while volunteering under the aegis of Momentum World. And not only that! As a person who enjoys experiencing the world through traveling, but also as someone who wants to build her “future” based on her interests, I find myself more than lucky for chasing this opportunity. Not only am I experiencing a new country and culture, but I’m having actual training in one of my biggest passions –film-making – while working upon projects, sponsored by Momentum World. In less than three months I’ve already travelled around the UK. I’ve met people around the area while creating a lovely multicultural company of co-volunteers. Day by day, I’m getting to know more and more about international opportunities, realizing the importance of these and all the above through filming.