In our role as a Eurodesk UK partner, we have found a new way to get information out to people during the Corona lockdown. We are producing a daily “International Hour” for a new online community TV channel run by our long term partner Chaos Cornwall.
Working with Chaos, we have turned the crisis into an opportunity to reach a literally captive audience, because people are stuck at home and looking for ideas. We are promoting international mobility to young people and the general public in a rural area where there is a lot of social disadvantage and where most people have never even heard of Erasmus+.
We have found this approach to be especially productive because it is based on mutual benefit: we get valuable air time, while Chaos get interesting, varied content and the opportunity to bring on guests from around the world. It has also helped us to fulfil our responsibility to the Erasmus+ programme by disseminating results from our past projects to a wider audience.
International Hour is live on weekdays (except Wednesday) from 1300 – 1400 UK time. You can tune in at This is Chaos TV or catch up on past shows here.