NOW CLOSED Placement available from February 2018 at the City Youth Council (Stadtjugendring Würzburg) of the Bavarian Youth Council (Bayerische Jugendring) which is a public corporation and the consortium of 40 youth organizations in Würzburg with approximately 25,000 members and 2,500 volunteers.
Tasks include:
– educational work in the area of intercultural openness in youth work and schools,
– participation in activities offered by member organisations of the City Youth Council,
– work in Summer Camps organised by member groups of the Regional Youth Council of Würzburg during school summer holidays
– support at our children’s film events
– initiating contact with partner cities; preparation, participation and assistance during international exchanges with partner cities
– preparation and assistance during executive committee meetings
– learning the routines and processes of the organisation in order to work independently
– designing City Youth Council publication and publicity material
– office work such as telephone and computer work
– acting as office contact for clients
Volunteers will also be given the opportunity of organising a project for the Action Day of Youthwork in Würzburg, and are encouraged to regularly contribute their own ideas and show initiative.