Our volunteer Benjamin is currently on an ESC project in Poland at the Culture Center In-nY in Ruda Śląska. The main goal of the project which is called „INNI to: muzyka, sztuka, film, ludzie, pasja, radość” is to support international dialogue between volunteers and the local community. It also aims to increase the participation of young people, their integration and social involvement, and to develop civil society through the implementation of activities. An important part of volunteering will be to develop further involvement in social work for the association in the field of culture.

Throughout the year, the association together with Ben and 3 other volunteers from Georgia and Ukraine will build a bond of solidarity with the local community – the recipients of their activities who are mainly children. Activities will include language, dance, music, handicraft, model-making and other artistic activities. One of the most important elements of the volunteer’s activities is the visits to schools / kindergartens, during which they will present information about their home country and about volunteering / European Solidarity Corps. Benjamin will also develop computer skills with the use of professional equipment, among others (including computers, printers, professional software, graphics), photographic, lighting and sound equipment, equipment for online broadcasting, other equipment used in the implementation of classes and thematic workshops (including a plotter, sewing machines , tools and materials).