Youth Exchange from 1st to 9th July 2019.  For 4 participants and 1 leader.  The required age for the participants is 17 to 25.  The leader can be any age over 18. In a multicultural society and a changing world young people, living in
big cities and rich countries, aspire to happiness and success through material goods combined with technology. The current crisis highlights the gap between dreams and real potential, and emigration combined with unemployment makes even the powerful countries unable to control the phenomena of xenophobia, social racism and aggression against immigrants and refugees. At the same time “rich” countries, do not feel themselves able to accept migration and thus walls are built, where we
thought the borders were completely disappeared. Acting for inclusion is a youth exchange that aims to reflect on migration and unemployment. These two phenomena combined together represent an opportunity for discussion and exchange, so that the reality of multi-ethnic coexistence does not generate discrimination.

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