On Tuesday the 26th of May the Momentum World team visited The CLC in Clapham London to meet an interesting group of German students.

They were visiting the UK on a 2 week programme ran by the organisation GEB. During this time they would be worn on their English skills learning about multiculturalism, youth enterprise and employment in general.

The students were all from a college outside of Cologne and had not had much contact with an NGO before. So here is where we came in.

We only had a short time with the group to introduce them to our work with young people and give them an experience of how a Momentum project comes together.

The team decided to run a short film training session that would allow the students to learn new skills around filmmaking but also to work on their English, communication and business skills developed during their stay in London.

The group were then given the challenge to go out into Clapham and interview members of the general public about their employment experiences and what qualifications does it require to work in certain sectors.

The young people were keen to complete the challenge and once they returned everyone had great fun watching back the clips and sharing their experiences.

I think this short 4 hour session just shows what can be achieved when you get a group of inspired and motivated young people together, give them a tool to work with and see what is possible. We wish all the students the best for the rest of their project here in the UK and hope they will take their new found filmskills with them into new adventures they have.