DAPHNE Institute of Applied Ecology, Slovakia

DAPHNE Institute of Applied Ecology, Slovakia

NOW CLOSED 2 placements available in Bratislava – January to July 2018

The volunteers will:-

 work together on creating educational programmes
 assist teachers and teach English language and environmental subjects
 help with creating educational materials
 participate in the environmental research
 rehabilitate protected areas
 experience everyday life in a non-profit organization
 be encouraged to create their own mini-projects based on their own interests

The main idea of our environmental educational programmes is “learning by experience”. The programmes take place indoors (in the classroom) as well as outdoors (excursions to important natural sites in Bratislava region).
We utilise games, stories, and props to enliven topics and engage children and young people in important issues such as water efficiency, recycling,
and conservation of the environment. We introduce elementary and secondary school students to local high quality natural areas and develop understanding of natural concepts including habitat, ecology, and species identification.

For more details contact:- office@momentumworld.org