S-Factor into Eurovision 2015

S-Factor into Eurovision 2015

S-Factor into Eurovision 2015

I would like to say a very big well done to our S-Factor into Eurovision teams from across Europe for completing the films with your young people, I know you have all had a busy time doing your normal work at your schools/projects on top of this.

The films you have made are all amazing and clearly illustrate the fun and learning that can take place with video cameras. Whoever wins the overall first prize doesn’t matter to me but every single one of the people involved in the making of these films is a winner.

As professionals working in the field of disability we are taking steps to show the world our young people are important, they might not have a voice as loud as some but will (through the use of film) we give them a voice. A few months ago 7 countries were working in isolation of one another, now they are international group of friends and colleagues – many of which will stay friends for the rest of our lives and this can only benefit our young people.

Imagine after this summer we build on this even further and say lets do it again but bigger and better with more partners, more countries more sponsors? We then create a movement that has power to change things, a platform to challenge our short sighted decision makers and politicians who always cut services to the most vulnerable in society, let us shown them we care – so they in turn have to start listening to us.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing, for working in difficult times where decision makers and politicians don’t invest in this area of work or believe as much as we do.

I have been truly inspired by these films and by my new bunch of international friends, my respect for you and your work is indescribable. All I can say is I want to do more projects like this and Momentum World would love to explore future opportunities. Let us now enjoy the next phase which is to celebrate and show off these great films, but remember one thing don’t slow down and don’t stop making a noise through your video camera as those politicians are looking for the silent ones who don’t make a noise because then they can’t take away their funding. Stick together guys and fight for better resources, better facilities as by doing this we will have a voice that is really heard

Once again well done and thank you xxx Paul

Partners for inclusion 2015

Partners for inclusion 2015

Partners for inclusion 2015

Inclusion Jigsaw

An international training course to promote inclusion in education and youth work

Doncaster / Rotherham, UK 4-11 July 2015

Places are available for participants from: AUSTRIA, BULGARIA, GERMANY, GREECE, ITALY, POLAND, SLOVAKIA and UNITED KINGDOM

Partners for Inclusion is a 7 day training course for youth workers or other professionals with an interest in working with young people with special educational needs or other social or educational disadvantage. The course is fantastic opportunity to learn about the theory and practice of inclusion in the UK and other countries, and to promote the concept of Europe as an inclusive space.

Activities include team building, interactive discussions, visits to special schools / inclusion projects, meeting with experts, forward planning, and intercultural evenings. The highlight will be to attend the amazing “S-Factor” event where young people from special education perform for a large public audience in a professional venue. For many people, this is a life-changing experience. See https://vimeo.com/109529781

The course is organised by Momentum World’s experienced team of trainers. There will be participants from 12 countries altogether, providing a valuable networking opportunity, leading to future projects.

The course fee is €180 / £150. This includes accommodation, food and all activities.

International travel costs will be reimbursed in accordance with EU Erasmus+ travel rates.

Application deadline 26 June 2015

For further information and to apply for a place please email applications@momentumworld.org

Leadership for employability 2015

Leadership for employability 2015

Leadership for employability 2015

international leadership

An exceptional professional and personal development opportunity for bright and motivated young people aged 21-25, on one of the most innovative courses available.

London, UK 15-23 July 2015

Places are available for young people from: CROATIA, ESTONIA, LITHUANIA, POLAND, PORTUGAL and UNITED KINGDOM

This is the latest version of Momentum World’s International Leadership Course, our “flagship” programme which has been running successfully every year since 2010. We can honestly say that this is a unique and life-changing experience for young people who take part. Participants on previous courses have found jobs, new ideas and ambitions, a new level of self awareness, and (of course) new friends for life.

Participants will get an outstanding educational, professional and personal experience:

  • Understand your own leadership style
  • Clarify your career ambitions
  • Increase your employability
  • Learn about other cultures
  • Access further international projects with Momentum World

An intensive, innovative and challenging training programme is combined with a unique programme of visits and social activities, including the Houses of Parliament (meeting with an MP), visits to businesses and organisations in the City of London (meeting with senior executives), and a special river boat party on the Thames. Participants will also benefit from the opportunity to complete the Myers Briggs® personal profiling exercise.

Apart from the Momentum World team, trainers will include Paul van Casteren, a renowned management coach who works with senior executives of multinational companies, and the head of human resources from one of the UK’s leading recruitment companies.

The course is open to highly motivated young people aged 21-25 – for example, recent graduates, young professionals, university students or volunteers active in the youth sector.

The course fee is €250 / £180. This includes accommodation, food and all activities.

International travel costs will be reimbursed in accordance with EU Erasmus+ travel rates.

Application deadline 30 June 2015

For further information and to apply for a place please email applications@momentumworld.org

Give your future career a head start

GEB Project London

GEB Project London

GEB Project London

On Tuesday the 26th of May the Momentum World team visited The CLC in Clapham London to meet an interesting group of German students.

They were visiting the UK on a 2 week programme ran by the organisation GEB. During this time they would be worn on their English skills learning about multiculturalism, youth enterprise and employment in general.

The students were all from a college outside of Cologne and had not had much contact with an NGO before. So here is where we came in.

We only had a short time with the group to introduce them to our work with young people and give them an experience of how a Momentum project comes together.

The team decided to run a short film training session that would allow the students to learn new skills around filmmaking but also to work on their English, communication and business skills developed during their stay in London.

The group were then given the challenge to go out into Clapham and interview members of the general public about their employment experiences and what qualifications does it require to work in certain sectors.

The young people were keen to complete the challenge and once they returned everyone had great fun watching back the clips and sharing their experiences.

I think this short 4 hour session just shows what can be achieved when you get a group of inspired and motivated young people together, give them a tool to work with and see what is possible. We wish all the students the best for the rest of their project here in the UK and hope they will take their new found filmskills with them into new adventures they have.

Give power to empower

Give power to empower

Give power to empower

Bulgaria training

Empowerment – Refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social, educational, gender or economic strength of individuals or communities.

Hi everyone Amy here. At the end of April I went on a SALTO training programme in Bulgaria ran by the national agency. The programme was called ‘Give Power to Empower’ and was aimed at people working in the youth sector. A course creating empowerment in the participants so we could go forward and pass this empowerment on to others we are working with.

The trainers were from across Europe; Bogan Rominica from Romania, Eleni Michail from Cyprus and Ognian Gadoularov from Bulgaria. Three fantastically motivating trainers who ran the programme to cover theory and future planning, with active and engaging workshops. A great balance that was worked great for the pace of the group.

The participants were from across Europe; Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Turkey, Malta, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, France, UK and even as far as Iceland. They all work in the field of youth development or teaching and all came with the same goal to learn skills that will benefit those they work with.

The programme started with teambuilding activities, designed to get us working as one unit to increase and build on the power of the group. The participants on the programme were amazing, it was great to work with such a variety of different people from across Europe, they were possibly the best bit about the project.

As the week progressed we did a lot of work around multiple intelligences and Erikson’s Psychological development model. This was great as it was a new area of interest for me and something I had only touched on lightly. The course allowed me not only to understand the theory of this practices but also look at myself and how I work best and maybe the reasons why.

The group looked at techniques and activities we can use with the young people we work with and how these programmes can help empower and inspire a new group to go forward. Whilst making these fun, engaging and educational the key to good non-formal learning.

Overall the course really made me think that as a youth worker if you don’t believe in yourself, your abilities and what you want to do it is virtually impossible to help guide others to find these answers from within themselves. Take time to get to know yourself and what your goals, aims and ambitions are and you can become a better stronger person from this.

team building Bulgaria

Build up to S-Factor

Build up to S-Factor

Build up to S-Factor

singing performance

This year S-Factor promises to be an amazing project. We have two international projects running involving professionals from 12 countries and four secondary schools as well as Kelford and Hilltop School.

S-Factor is a highlight of the Momentum year and the demand from previous Momentum participants to be involved is always high, everybody wants to get involved and it’s not surprising because it the activity is full of energy, learning, emotion and fun.
Our S-Factor into Eurovision international project has already started sending us their film entries for the evening and voting will begin at the beginning of June.
Why not watch the films and vote yourself, visit the website: www.momentum-interactive.co.uk
I feel very privileged to be involved with such an amazing project, it makes my job at Momentum very exciting and interesting.
As well as S-Factor we have:
  • International leadership course
  • Into Europe the course
  • Partners for inclusion
  • Centres of excellence
  • One step ahead

Maybe it’s time you got involved? email info@momentumworld.org for more information

Edge Hill University Film Screening

Edge Hill University Film Screening

Edge Hill University Film Screening

Film Screening

On Monday the 11th of May part of the Momentum team visited Ormskirk as invited guests to view the Universities third year students final film submissions.

The civic hall was converted into a cinema screening room where the students could celebrate their achievements over the past three years and all the hardwork they have put in during this time.

As the evening progressed, we watched 6 films, all of which were written, produced and edited by the students present.

There was some incredible talent on show, from gripping scripts, beautiful cinematography and amazing on screen talent.

The team were even invited to give the students some feedback on the films and share their thoughts on how the final results came across.

Overall an incredible evening and we were grateful to be part of it. It just shows what talent is out there going into the creative industry and that with handwork, passion and the drive to make things happen you can achieve what you set out to.

Thanks for the invite everyone and good luck with your future film ventures. see you next year!