Ruckenwind Seminar Innsbruck

Life is pretty hectic at the moment. Paul and Andrew are in Thessaloniki delivering the youth against extremism project and Trevor is now in Innsbruck, Austria to attend the Ruckenwind seminar. Organisations from nine countries across Europe are represented and are here to set up partnerships to run projects through Erasmus + next year. Today is arrivals day so there was a chance for those of us who came early to see the Christmas market in Innsbruck. The serious work begins tomorrow morning.

And this weeks project is…


We are off to Greece for part 3 of this exciting project involved ex-gang members from London, the volunteer police cadets (VPC) and partners from Greece and Hungary. 
We will use the week to catch up on research done by the 3 countries and then it will culminate in a one day conference for invited guests at the Thessaloniki City Municipality. 
Our friends from Hustlebucks (based in Brixton) are running a photography competition alongside this project – why not join in?
You can follow the progress of this project on the interactive live blog