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UK and international partnerships

We depend on successful partnerships with other organisations which share our values and aims. We are the UK partner for a wide range of Erasmus+ and other projects led by organisations across Europe.

Through our partners in the UK, we offer access to international training and learning opportunities, benefiting far more young people than we could reach on our own. Equally, we encourage participants on our own courses to get additional experience by taking part in projects and activities run by others.

Our international expertise can add value to your organisation and build your own capacity for international work. We run international partnership meetings and we advise on access to European funding. As an accredited coordinating and sending organisation for EVS we can help you to access a range of volunteer placements abroad, or to host volunteers from other countries.

We also work with other organisations in the UK or around the world to pursue project opportunities either through joint tenders or as sub-contractors.

We have an extensive network of partners in the UK and internationally.

We helped the Honest Truth road safety campaign to build partnerships with 5 other countries.