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Training courses

Momentum World projects:

Future Europe Future You – 15th to 20th June 2018

Would you like to meet other young people from different countries and exchange your views and ideas about your future in Europe? Are you 18 to 30 years old and resident in the UK? We are looking for UK-based participants for both the Future Europe Future... read more

Partner projects open to applicants from the UK only:

Training Course for International Leaders, Finland

Training Course for 1 leader and 2 participants aged between 15 and 18 – learn how to act as a leader at international events, get tools and ideas for organising youth exchanges and other youth projects. For more information contact... read more

Intervention For Youth, Romania

Taking place from 30th June to 8th July 2018 this is a youth exchange for 1 leader and 4 participants aged over 18. The main focus of the youth exchange is empowering young people as social change agents and to encourage young people to become active and responsible... read more

Youth Work and the Integration of Young Migrants, Ireland

NOW CLOSED 30th October to 3rd November 2017 – The aim of this project is to initiate collaboration between youth workers and researchers. This collaboration will develop the capacity of local organisations to address the challenges to integration facing young... read more

Volunteering Today, Ireland

NOW CLOSED 8th to 14th October 2017 – A five day symposium for youth workers on volunteering focusing on how the challenges faced running a rural youth club.  We we will look at the Irish and European context, in particular.  The event will include a full days... read more

Volunteering opportunities

The following opportunities are open to young people age 18-30 from the UK only:

Tittle Tattle, Hungary

1 placement available from 27th November to 20th December 2018. Help to run workshops: DIY and craft and music, such as ukulele and percussion, at kindergartens, primary schools, youth centres and homes for the elderly. There is also an opportunity to work in... read more

Eastern Express, Bulgaria

6 placements available:- 1st period: 1st December 2018 – 31st January 2019, 2nd period: 1st February 2019 – 31st March 2019, 3rd period: 1st April 2019 – 31st May 2019, 4th period: 1st June – 31st July 2019, 5th period: 1st August – 30th Sept. 2019 and 6th period: 1st... read more

Elf Around, Finland

1 placement available from 5th November to 18th December 2018 – help to prepare the Christmas project at the community centre, plan and realise an elf path and organise elf school for primary school children and families. For more information contact... read more

Xiferie, Italy

1 placement available from 1st October to 30th September 2018 – help to plan and run activities in schools and interactive meetings in small groups, language club, interactive presentations and discussions, marketing and promotion of activities. For more... read more

Follow The Wind, Hungary

1 placement available from 31st August to 31st October 2018 helping with manual work at the community centre.  Work in media, photography and film. For more information contact read more

Xiferie, Italy

1 placement available for two months during June/July 2018 in Turin working at summer camps for children, supporting the team in planning and organising activities, running workshops and supporting an urban ecology education project For more information contact... read more

Ekofili, Greece

NOW CLOSED 2 placements available from 2nd May to 1st June 2018 in Kryoneri Korinthias Tasks include promotion of land tourism's sustainability; cleaning environmental footpaths around Kryoneri; developing flora & fauna panels in environmental... read more

Build It Up! Portugal

NOW CLOSED 2 placements available – A1 from 21st February to 16th April and A2 from 2nd May to 27th June in Palmela, Portugal. A1 – Volunteers will finish the renovation of the Youth House – masonry, carpentry, painting, gardening and cleaning. They will also... read more

Visionars On Board, Spain

3 placements available for young people aged between 18 and 30 – 1 from 7th March to 17th April, 1 from 23rd April to 4th June and 1 from 12th June to 23rd July 2018 in Lugo, Galicia, North West Spain. The project is aimed primarily at local youth, but the goal is to... read more

Youth Going Glocal, Portugal

NOW CLOSED Placement available for a participant from the UK aged between 18 and 30 from 6th February to 6th July 2018 in Cascais, Portugal – European Youth Capital 2018 Tasks include:- Cooperation with the local volunteering programmes organised by Cascais... read more