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Global learning, intercultural understanding and youth advocacy
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Schools and youth groups

We help young people to become more capable learners and to gain transferable skills needed for higher education or the world of work. We support the delivery of personal development, behaviour and welfare objectives of the Ofsted framework. Our activities are especially motivating for those who may struggle academically.

Our relationship begins with a needs analysis. No two schools or groups are identical, and we will work closely with you and your staff to ensure that activities are tailored to the needs and interests of your students or group members. This will also provide good Continuing Professional Development opportunities for your staff.

Youth exchanges offer a simple but effective way to start young people on their international journey.

We offer:

Time for Tea: a simple, free and fun activity which can be led by teachers, youth workers or others, working with groups of any age and any ability, anywhere. Time for Tea helps young people to understand and speak out on global and intercultural issues, encourages creative thinking, and enables contact with peer groups all around the world. Read more and get involved!

Employability and intercultural skills workshops.
Student / youth leadership: residential or non-residential training courses, with follow-up opportunities for project management, peer mentoring, young ambassador roles, and access to further international projects through Momentum World.
Students from the Sir John Cass School, London, show why there should be no borders in business – or friendship.