Welcome to Momentum World.

Momentum World is an education and training provider. Our mission is to enhance the career prospects of young people.

For young adults aged 18-25, we offer international courses on leadership and professional development.

For secondary schools, we run student leadership and employment skills courses, with a focus on enterprise. We also create bespoke film and TV projects for schools, often based around local heritage themes. We are experienced in both mainstream and special needs education.

Momentum World is a founding partner in 2020 Education, an international initiative which supports and promotes social, scientific, environmental and enterprise projects for children and young people at all stages of education from primary onwards.

We help schools and other groups to develop international links and exchanges. We promote the British Council’s International Schools Award.

It was a real privilege to work with the Momentum team. You are fantastic people and your passion and commitment to our children and young people are humbling. It is great to work with people who have sky-high expectations.

- Nick Whittaker, Headteacher, Kelford and Hilltop Schools, UK

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